National Marine Aquarium

The largest public aquarium in the UK

National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth is committed to promoting a sympathetic understanding of the sea through programmes of education, conservation and research. It is one of the region’s most popular tourist attractions with 280,000 visitors a year.

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The Challenge

The award-winning Aquarium has a complex internal structure to accommodate its 55 tanks. The staff had previously used an analogue radio system, but the sound quality was poor and the coverage was incomplete with a number of black spots where communication was impossible. The underground damp conditions, noisy tanks and crowds of visitors meant a robust system with better sound quality and complete coverage was needed.

The Solution

A bespoke solution that conquered the communication black spots in this busy tourist attraction. We supply:

  • 40 waterproof digital handsets, coupled with the ear-pieces and microphones to ensure each member of staff can hear each other clearly above the noise of the tanks.
  • Large HD colour displays for texting purposes.
  • Individual private calling.
  • Emergency alert system.
  • A repeater attached to an antenna to allow the signal from every handset to be received.
  • A duplexer to enable the repeater to receive and transmit at the same time.

The Result

Fully waterproof (shark tank tested!) and interference free communication between staff all over this huge, noisy and challenging attraction.

National Marine Aquarium Managing Director Dr David Gibson said:

“PCE’s new solution is a welcome addition for our teams on the ground.”

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National Marine Aquarium

The largest public aquarium in the UK

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