Kenwood Radios


With an established reputation across the electronics industry, particularly renowned for audio equipment, Kenwood’s offering to the world of two-way radio includes a range of solidly reliable products, although arguably their biggest selling products are their high quality range of unlicensed radios.

Best-selling unlicensed radios

While perhaps not the best known or widely used radio manufacturer on the market, Kenwood expanded into two-way radio solutions in 1978 (while operating as Trio Corporation) and now provide solutions across the range from their bestselling unlicensed radios to a trunking system in the form of NEXEDGE, including mobile radios and repeaters for both analogue and digital.

To ensure safe operation in potentially hazardous work environments, Kenwood also provide a range of ATEX radios, allowing users to maintain a mission-critical level of communication without having to worry about their radio equipment compromising safety.

This entire range of equipment is supported by a range of accessories and software to improve the versatility of the radios, making them more suitable for a greater range of roles. Headsets allow clear communication and hands free operation; earpieces provide the ability for efficient and discrete communication in a busy environment.  Lapel-mounted speaker microphones allow for safe carriage of the radio and remove the need to constantly clip and unclip a belt mounted radio.

Should you be interested in learning more about the Kenwood range and how your operation could benefit from their products, contact our sales team who will be delighted to provide further information and work with you to find the right solution for your needs, using the following models: TK2000, NX200, NX700, NXR700 and NEXEDGE.

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