Premier Communication Electronics has been awarded the Digital Tick accreditation.

All of the company’s engineers have already passed individual audits and are qualified to carry out DAB radio installations or conversions in vehicles to industry standards, and now the entire company has been bestowed with official Digital Tick status by Digital Radio UK.

The Tick Mark is designed to provide consumer reassurance when purchasing digital radio products and installation services.

Karen Langley, PCE’s CEO, said: “We are very pleased to have received Digital Tick status. We are proud of our track record in the delivery and installation of digital radio solutions, and the DAB revolution will mean many people will need to convert or replace their existing vehicle radios.

“The Government is expected to confirm the date it will switch off the current analogue frequencies within the next 12 months, and just like the TV switchover, analogue radios will cease to work.

“We are dedicated to the industry standards that determine a safe installation process and as more people begin to migrate to DAB, we are ready to assist them when the intended switchover takes place.”