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Confused by the choice of two-way business radios?

If you have been tasked with purchasing two-way radios for your business, you would be forgiven for feeling a little confused. Digital or analogue; licensed or unlicensed; VHF or UHF; portable or fixed...and where do walkie-talkies fit in? Chosen with care, two-way business radios are a very flexible form of communication. They can provide simple

Two-way radios: Analogue v Digital

When discussing which radio communications solution to invest in, the conversation will usually end up in discussing the merits of analogue radios versus digital. Or for businesses that already use analogue two-way radio, they will want to know why digital will be an improvement. Digital radio offers many more benefits than analogue So here is

Want to improve productivity in 2015?

For most business owners this would a daft question. I mean, who wouldn’t? The trick is working out how to achieve that goal and we believe two-way radio would be an excellent starting point. Portable two-way radio, be it digital or analogue, UHF or VHF, will help you and your colleagues stay in touch with