young harbour worker talking on the walkie-talkie at container warehouse


While you may not benefit from the clarity, range and capacity of a digital solution, an analogue radio solution may be the perfect budget-beating communications tool for your business.

You will need to consider in what environment you will use them – in buildings, out on site in vehicles, across a large campus, etc – and then we will help you choose between a UHF or VHF solution. In general, VHF travels furthest outdoors whereas UHF is better for local onsite and inside use.

You will also need to consider who will be using them. Two way radios are ideal for security staff, farm workers, office staff, ShopWatch schemes, shift workers, production line inspectors, playground monitors and many more. But whoever the users are, you can be assured that two-way radios are easy to use even with very little training. These radios can be used by groups of staff and their managers and these solutions can be quickly expanded with the addition of extra handsets.

Professional business radio

However, we would also urge you to consider obtaining a licence for your analogue product to set it above the walkie talkies used in less professional situations. Licensed analogue radio enables you to minimise potential interference from other radio users so you can enjoy a professional, business radio communication system.

We will handle all the paperwork required to gain your licence from Ofcom and will design a bespoke UHF or VHF solution to meet your needs.

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