Two-way portable radios for farms – for daily and emergency communication

With lambs beginning to become a feature on the spring rural landscape, many of us will become more aware of the work being carried out by farmers on a daily basis. The sight of a few lambs is just the pinnacle of their work though and they will be quick to point out that they

Are your radios ready for the 2016 holiday season?

With Easter earlier than usual this year, holiday destinations will no doubt be preparing themselves for the start of the 2016 season. This makes February the ideal time of year to review your methods of communication by either checking what you already have in place still works and still meets your needs, or to consider

Stay ahead of the competition in 2016 with portable two-way radio

At PCE, we are clearly keen exponents of portable two-way radio as we know that it will help you and your colleagues stay in touch with other members of staff to streamline your everyday working practices, help you make business decisions more quickly, improve your productivity and therefore make you more competitive. If you want

Video: Why hazardous conditions need Atex Radios

PCE has long given advice to radio users who work in hazardous conditions but sometimes it takes something more visual to really press the point. Hytera’s video clearly illustrates why people working in the mining, oil, gas, chemical and quarry industries need ATEX radios to stay safe while they are communicating. These radios need to be rugged

Digital Radio – Small enough to sit in your pocket

For new radio users or businesses that have used analogue radios for a long time, they may not be aware of exactly how neat digital radios have become. This video from manufacturer Hytera UK gives radio users an idea of just how pocket sized and convenient digital radios, sometimes called walkie talkies, are these days.

DAB radio countdown begins in earnest

The Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy has told a conference of more than 200 broadcasters, manufacturers, retailers and industry stakeholders that the countdown to three major digital radio landmarks – content, coverage and cars – has begun. Ed Vaizey told attendees at the Radio’s Digital Countdown conference in London that he was confident

Sort out your radio hire before the Christmas rush

Christmas is just around the corner – sorry, but it is – and many businesses will be looking to hire extra staff to cope with the festive season. Additional security staff, shop assistants, facilities management personnel, cleaners, etc. will be needed to help serve your customers and thus keep the general public safe and sound

Radios for events – we know what we are talking about

We do not wish to blow our own trumpets – oh, ok maybe we do – but in recent weeks we have received two testimonials following well-known events that have benefitted from using our two-way radio solutions. PCE offers long and short-term hire solutions to festivals, carnivals, sports and charity events on a daily or

Lone worker policies come under the spotlight – are you doing enough?

The continuing inquest into the death of a South West Water employee who drowned alone at a water treatment plant, should prompt many companies to scrutinise their lone worker policies. Robert Geach fell into a filtration tank at the Falmouth Water Treatment Works, in Cornwall, in December 2013. At the time of writing, the jury

Use video evidence to protect your fleet drivers

We have long been advocates of tracking technology to monitor and record the behaviour of our drivers. These tracking systems can provide real-time monitoring of vehicles while they are on the move. Video is also now being used as a support tool to provide further evidence of driver behaviour, especially in the event of a