Airwave Radios


PCE is a Cabinet-approved installer and managed services provider of Airwave TETRA digital radio solutions for the blue lights services.

The Airwave service is a digital radio communications network designed to meet the needs of the police, fire and ambulance services and other public safety organisations.

It is a digital mobile radio service that provides a secure and flexible communications network purpose designed for secure, fast set-up, group and emergency call working.

The Airwave service is due to be phased out from early 2017.

ESMCP is the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme which will be designed to replace Airwave and support the demand for video and high bandwidth data applications while retaining reliable and resilient voice services.

Accredited engineers

PCE is supplying support to interested parties and delivery partners for ESMCP and will continue .to train installation engineers through the PCE FITAS academy

PCE is dedicated to providing voice and data service to blue lights organisations  and will remain up-to-date with all the changes ahead to provide quality managed services to existing and future public safety organisation customers.

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