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Resilience levels in Business Radio Systems

PCE commits to new code of practice which enables the purchase of resilient radio communication equipment making it more accessible for the end user.

Confused by the choice of two-way business radios?

If you have been tasked with purchasing two-way radios for your business, you would be forgiven for feeling a little confused. Digital or analogue; licensed or unlicensed; VHF or UHF; portable or fixed...and where do walkie-talkies fit in? Chosen with care, two-way business radios are a very flexible form of communication. They can provide simple

Use two-way radios to stay in touch during festival season

As excitement mounts for Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter, our attention turns to festivals…whether they are Glastonbury, V, Boardmasters and the countless other large and small-scale festivals planned for 2016, including those run by local communities, they all demand effective communication between staff and/or volunteers. They will generally be responsible for the safety of

Digital Radio – Small enough to sit in your pocket

For new radio users or businesses that have used analogue radios for a long time, they may not be aware of exactly how neat digital radios have become. This video from manufacturer Hytera UK gives radio users an idea of just how pocket sized and convenient digital radios, sometimes called walkie talkies, are these days.

Seek out new stadium radios in the off-season

As both football and rugby teams take a short breather before the start of a new season, stadium staff will be looking ahead and making plans for improvements for the 2015/16 season. So while the players head off for holidays in the sun ahead of pre-season training, the stadium staff will be checking their facilities,

Why are car radios being switched over to digital?

Most national and radio stations have already made the switch to DAB with the BBC pledging to increase its 93% UK-wide digital coverage to 97%, with the help of 160 new transmitters, by the end of 2015. Meanwhile the Government is building 180+ new transmitters to enable local stations to reach more than 91% of

Business relocation: A good to time review your radio communications

PCE has just moved into new premises and whilst doing so, we have upgraded our telephone system – one or our main day-to-day tools for business communication. Many businesses will do the same on embarking on a relocation project, especially if they are moving into new-build offices. But not all businesses operate out of offices.

Two-way radios: Analogue v Digital

When discussing which radio communications solution to invest in, the conversation will usually end up in discussing the merits of analogue radios versus digital. Or for businesses that already use analogue two-way radio, they will want to know why digital will be an improvement. Digital radio offers many more benefits than analogue So here is

Want to improve productivity in 2015?

For most business owners this would a daft question. I mean, who wouldn’t? The trick is working out how to achieve that goal and we believe two-way radio would be an excellent starting point. Portable two-way radio, be it digital or analogue, UHF or VHF, will help you and your colleagues stay in touch with