Alan Macdonald-Brown

Alan Macdonald-Brown – Technical Sales Consultant

Alan joined PCE in April 2014. Not long after joining, he began to head up the sales team working on technical sales for larger clients and account management for existing customers. Many years of work in retail, sales and contact centre environments mean the customers’ requirements are key in securing the sale but also maintaining a long-term business relationship.

Three Fun Facts

  • Happily married with two kids meaning all personal hobbies of grass boarding, climbing and mountain biking have been mothballed by chauffeuring them to all their sporting activities… luckily, he has learned to love driving!
  • During many years involved in Scouting it allowed Alan to travel and take part in events both at 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace.
  • Did the London Marathon once… never to be repeated, it’s a really long way, fact!