Drustan Durman

Drustan Durman – Technical Sales Administrator

After several years of experience in sales and retail, Drustan started with PCE in June 2015 and is responsible for generating new business, as well as checking in with existing customers to make sure all is well.  His retail experience having ingrained a deep sense of customer service into him, Drustan will always focus on finding the best possible solution based on each customer’s specific needs, the service mattering more to him than the sale.

Three Fun Facts

  • Other than singing, Drustan’s hobbies (Iron Age Re-enactment, Live Action Roleplay and Shinty) all seem to involve hitting things (sometimes people) with sticks of some sort…
  • Quite the dandy, Drustan owns upwards of 25 waistcoats, and isn’t actually sure of the exact number at present.
  • Although he can’t claim to be able to actually speak any of them, Drustan has a love of languages, having studied French, Russian, German, Latin, Ancient Greek and Cornish to varying levels at various times in life.