Established in Chicago in the late 1920s selling car radios and accessories, Motorola has gone on to become one of the giants of the radio world, arguably the best known and most respected manufacturer of two-way radio. Providing radio solutions from the ground up, they deal in unlicensed walkie-talkie type radios up to high level tier III radios and systems that support large multiple site networks using both radio frequency and IP links.

Focusing on maintaining their reputation for high quality and reliable equipment, Motorola radios are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the standards customers expect, with an excellent level of support provided. With this same reputation as market leaders in mind, Motorola also heavily invests in research and development to remain at the forefront of the communications industry, with solutions available to integrate mobile phones into radio networks.

Certified associates

PCE are recognised as certified associates of the Motorola Solutions brand. We are trained to be familiar with the solutions available to you as a customer and able to provide the full range of products and services to ensure that whatever your requirements they will be met and fulfilled effectively.

Supported by a full and comprehensive range of accessories such as headsets, carrying solutions, covert earpieces, charging solutions and speaker microphones Motorola products include the full range of two-way business solutions, be it radios, repeaters or software packages to build a large communications network.  

Working in a potentially hazardous environment? Motorola’s ATEX equipment can provide you with the communications you need with no compromise on the safety of you and your employees.

For high quality, reliable and trusted two-way radio solutions for any level of business requirement, speak to our sales team about how your company can benefit from the Motorola product range, including the following models: GP360, CM140, CM340, DP1400, DP2600, DP4400, SL1600, DM3400, DM3600 and DR3000.

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