There’s a stand there that I think you need to see.

There’s no glitzy high tech vehicle, no new fancy piece of equipment to ease the life of an emergency responder or controller.

What they have on Stand M48 is dangerous, to the general public as well as the emergency responder.

Stand 48 is simply hosting a scruffy retired emergency vehicle, installed with the usual comms equipment found in all emergency vehicles today. But this vehicle has been deliberately installed in a poor and dangerous way to highlight some of the practices non-accredited installers may use when installing equipment into vehicles.

With the aim of further promoting the Federation of Communications Services’ Code of Practice, FCS1362:2010, for installation of equipment into vehicles, and their accreditation scheme FITAS, the stand offers the chance for fleet managers and installers to identify poor standards of installation, and offers the chance to enter a competition to see if they can spot all of the deliberate mistakes.

Make no bones about it, some of these seemingly innocuous mistakes can be very dangerous once the vehicle is moving.

The stand is being hosted by us and is promoting the FCS Installer Training Accreditation Scheme (FITAS) including the new training academy about to be launched.

Philip West
Technical Manager