Premier Communication Electronics (PCE) has used its expertise to provide two-way radio solutions for Sandy Park, one of the Rugby World Cup 2015 venues.

Already radio providers to Exeter Chiefs and the stadium, PCE has used its knowledge of the award-winning rugby facility to deploy radio solutions that will be used by eight match day teams, including operations, transport and media staff, as well as ground staff at the Fan Zone in Northernhay Park.

The first Rugby World Cup game at Sandy Park was played by Tonga and Namibia on Tuesday September 29. This will be followed by another pool C match featuring Namibia and Georgia on Wednesday, October 7, and a pool D match between Italy and Romania on Sunday, October 11.

Karen Langley, CEO of PCE, said: “We are very excited to be playing a small part in the RWC 2015 in Exeter. We already provide radio solutions to the Chiefs so this was a natural progression for us. We understand the specific communications needs of the coaching teams, the referees and the ground staff so we were able to deploy a multi-faceted solution that was fit for World Cup purpose.”

PCE has pre-programmed and provided a total of 139 hand-portable Hytera radios and ear-pieces to RWC 2015 for the duration of the pool phase at Sandy Park.

The coverage of these radio will differ depending on their users with some restricted to Sandy Park only, while others will encompass surrounding areas, such as Westpoint and Digby & Sowton Station, and additional users requiring a range that includes the Fan Zone, city centre and St David’s and Central main line train stations.