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Use two-way radios to stay in touch during festival season

As excitement mounts for Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter, our attention turns to festivals…whether they are Glastonbury, V, Boardmasters and the countless other large and small-scale festivals planned for 2016, including those run by local communities, they all demand effective communication between staff and/or volunteers. They will generally be responsible for the safety of

Sort out your radio hire before the Christmas rush

Christmas is just around the corner – sorry, but it is – and many businesses will be looking to hire extra staff to cope with the festive season. Additional security staff, shop assistants, facilities management personnel, cleaners, etc. will be needed to help serve your customers and thus keep the general public safe and sound

Radios for events – we know what we are talking about

We do not wish to blow our own trumpets – oh, ok maybe we do – but in recent weeks we have received two testimonials following well-known events that have benefitted from using our two-way radio solutions. PCE offers long and short-term hire solutions to festivals, carnivals, sports and charity events on a daily or

How will your staff or volunteers stay in touch at your event?

Imagine a few event scenarios…. Scenario 1 Thousands of people are attending a music festival in your town. Your town is a seaside town surrounded by inland hills. A child becomes separated from his parents and one of your stewards finds him. Your steward goes to contact your base office but there is no mobile