Sidmouth Folkweek

Sidmouth FolkWeek takes place in a variety of venues in Sidmouth, Devon. JR Events Services erected three large-scale bespoke marquee venues for the various concerts and dances, and other events were held in churches, halls, hotel function rooms, pub gardens and schools, as well as on the streets and seafront of Sidmouth.

The main concert venue was the 1,000-seat Ham Marquee along with the Bulverton Marquee, which was situated about a mile out of the town. The 25-seater Manor Pavilion and Blackmore Gardens, including the Dance Marquee, provided further venues.

JR Events Services co-ordinated the stewards for the events and required a means of communicating to the entire stewarding group. However, the hilly terrain around Sidmouth created a challenge in ensuring stewards could be both contactable in the seaside town and at the Bulverton site out of town. Previous experience of radio communication had put the organisers off using it again, so mobile phones had been utilised in recent years.

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