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Lone Worker Solutions protects employees, managers and shareholders from the risks associated with individuals who work alone.

Lone Worker Solutions brings together a comprehensive suite of services including proprietary software, intuitive end-user functionality, dedicated and legacy devices, and use of the MiTec state-of-the-art alarm receiving centre (ARC) functionality to deliver the most complete support and protection system for lone workers, both on-site and off-site.

The platform used is a multi-functional, secure web-based management system that communicates with a suite of integrated safety applications, offering organisations complete 24/7/365 protection for lone workers.

For employees

Lone Worker Solutions are completely device-agnostic meaning any mobile phone or other specialist device can be used to offer proactive protection. These devices are connected to MiTec’s state-of-the-art ARC where an alarm is automatically raised in the event of an accident or assault.

The support features of the solution will offer your lone workers exceptional functionality, tailored to their specific needs. Features such as ‘push for help’, ‘heartbeat’ and ‘worker down’ provide crisis assistance, pre-set safety monitoring and emergency alerts whenever needed. These functions are easy to use and offer end-users genuine support and protection.

For managers

Web-based software enables the highest levels of visibility combined with alarm response facilities. Often able to integrated existing mobile hardware, Lone Worker Solutions is competitively priced while supporting seamless implementation and maximum compliance to agreed policies.