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Safe and Connected Farmers: Business Radio to Help Future Farming

This year’s Farm Safety Week (24th -28th July) will bring together key figures and organisations from the industry to promote one key message – farm safety is a lifestyle, not a slogan. A recent HSE report estimated that farming accounts for 15-20% of all worker fatalities with the annual injury rate 18 times higher than

Confused by the choice of two-way business radios?

If you have been tasked with purchasing two-way radios for your business, you would be forgiven for feeling a little confused. Digital or analogue; licensed or unlicensed; VHF or UHF; portable or fixed...and where do walkie-talkies fit in? Chosen with care, two-way business radios are a very flexible form of communication. They can provide simple

Use two-way radios to stay in touch during festival season

As excitement mounts for Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter, our attention turns to festivals…whether they are Glastonbury, V, Boardmasters and the countless other large and small-scale festivals planned for 2016, including those run by local communities, they all demand effective communication between staff and/or volunteers. They will generally be responsible for the safety of

Two-way portable radios for farms – for daily and emergency communication

With lambs beginning to become a feature on the spring rural landscape, many of us will become more aware of the work being carried out by farmers on a daily basis. The sight of a few lambs is just the pinnacle of their work though and they will be quick to point out that they

Are your radios ready for the 2016 holiday season?

With Easter earlier than usual this year, holiday destinations will no doubt be preparing themselves for the start of the 2016 season. This makes February the ideal time of year to review your methods of communication by either checking what you already have in place still works and still meets your needs, or to consider

Stay ahead of the competition in 2016 with portable two-way radio

At PCE, we are clearly keen exponents of portable two-way radio as we know that it will help you and your colleagues stay in touch with other members of staff to streamline your everyday working practices, help you make business decisions more quickly, improve your productivity and therefore make you more competitive. If you want

Radios for events – we know what we are talking about

We do not wish to blow our own trumpets – oh, ok maybe we do – but in recent weeks we have received two testimonials following well-known events that have benefitted from using our two-way radio solutions. PCE offers long and short-term hire solutions to festivals, carnivals, sports and charity events on a daily or

Blending two-way radio and guard patrol systems – a sensible solution

A guard-tour patrol system logs the rounds of security guards patrolling property, prison officers checking cells, and technicians monitoring climate-controlled environments, etc. Computerised patrol systems were first introduced in the 1980s. Modern patrol systems use handheld data loggers incorporating radio frequency identity (RFID) sensors allowing the exact time an employee passes certain points on their

Smarter shopwatch organisations use smarter two-way radios

While the majority of us go out shopping without a care in the world, aside from how much money we are going to part with, there are teams of people up and down the country looking out for our safety and protecting the assets of retail businesses. Shopwatch schemes provide security and community safety solutions

Hearing interference on your two-way radio?

Hearing interference on a two-way radio solution is a common complaint which people come to us for help and which, happily, we can find a solution to. But to understand the solutions, you need to understand the issues that are causing the interference in the first place. The first is background noise. The audio on