With Easter earlier than usual this year, holiday destinations will no doubt be preparing themselves for the start of the 2016 season.

This makes February the ideal time of year to review your methods of communication by either checking what you already have in place still works and still meets your needs, or to consider whether you need an upgrade to take advantage of new developments in technology.

A camping scene with three young femails eating food at the front of their red tent.Many holiday destinations – whether they are caravan parks or campsites, hotels, theme parks or tourist attractions – are usually located on larger sites. The size of these sites means most workers will not be confined to their desks with many members of staff requiring the ability to roam.

Your staff may be guides, rangers, cleaners, housekeeping, concierges, maintenance and so on. You cannot rely on mobile phones to contact them. Suppose there was an emergency and you needed to contact them all at once, or the person you needed to contact was already on the phone, out of signal or charge?

Most of these businesses will rely on two-way radios as their main form of communication. PCE has advised, supplied and installed numerous two-way radio solutions to the tourist industry and all have come with their own challenges!

Size and topography are standard issues, but we have also faced the challenges of underground sites, damp sites and many more besides. Very often we have replaced or boosted solutions which have been installed by suppliers who do not have the same expertise as our engineers.

There are always solutions to issues with coverage, privacy, audio quality and atmospheric conditions, while there are many more applications – e.g. text messaging, GPS tracking and man-down – that can be utilised to enhance your radio solution even further.

Communication is crucial for businesses that rely on tourists as the safety and comfort of their visitors is paramount to ensure they enjoy their day or stay, come back for more and recommend you to their family and friends.

Do not hesitate to contact us for friendly advice.