At PCE, we are clearly keen exponents of portable two-way radio as we know that it will help you and your colleagues stay in touch with other members of staff to streamline your everyday working practices, help you make business decisions more quickly, improve your productivity and therefore make you more competitive.

If you want to ask a colleague a question and they are out on site, on the other side of the warehouse, in another area of the campus or hotel, etc., you can immediately get hold of them. You do not have to worry about whether they have a mobile signal or if their phone is switched to silent mode.

Two-way radio, sometimes call a walkie talkie, is a robust and reliable form of business communication designed specifically for mobile employees. It is also an excellent way of ensuring supporting your duty of care to lone working staff with an inbuilt alarm or man down feature.

This form of communication will speed up your business processes and will ensure decisions are made more swiftly.

Better still, two-way radios allow your staff to contribute to conversations while carrying on with their work negating the need for them to return to their desks. Productivity is therefore improved and, hopefully, you will see an increase in your turnover too.

By becoming slicker in-house, you will no doubt become a more attractive company or organisation to do business with thereby giving you an edge over your competitors.

If you are considering using radios in 2016 or wish to migrate to a digital radio solution, please do not hesitate to contact Alan or Dru on 01392 445040 or email here.