With lambs beginning to become a feature on the spring rural landscape, many of us will become more aware of the work being carried out by farmers on a daily basis. The sight of a few lambs is just the pinnacle of their work though and they will be quick to point out that they have been working right through the winter!

Tending to birthing ewes and their new offspring is a job largely taken care of in barns, but farms are largely made up of fields stretching across acres and acres of countryside, so how does the modern day farmer keep in touch with his workers, or family working in other areas of the estate?

Calling a farmer on his mobile phone while he is on his tractor is never easy. Chances are he won’t answer because he has not heard it, or the vibrate mode does nothing to alert him as his ride is already a bumpy one, or he is just too busy to answer.

And that is if he has a mobile signal at all. Farms are, by their very nature, in remote areas where mobile masts are not a regular feature and neither are nice, flat expanses of land. Farms tend to be located on challenging terrain – more suited to sheep, cows and crops than mobile phone communication.

Not being able to contact each other on a farm can be inconvenient for day to day updates, but having sporadic means of contact in an emergency situation could be life threatening.
With farming in the blood of one of PCE’s board members, we understand the challenges faced by farmers and advise them to use two-way portable radios to solve their communication hurdles, which include:

Tractor to tractor/worker to worker communication
Farmers want to stay in touch with their workers and their families without wasting time moving from one field or farm building to another.

Poor mobile reception
Farmers want to clear communication, whatever the weather and wherever or on whatever they are working and for it not to be dependent on the position of a mobile mast.

Hands-free conversations
Farmers want to be able to hold conversations without having to stop working.

Farmers would rather other farms, taxi firms, etc. could not hear their conversations.

Lone worker health & safety
Farmers want the reassurance that if they or one of their workers suffers an injury, they will be able to call for help…or that their lack of response will trigger an alert.

There is a full range of two-way portable radio solutions for farms that can solve all, or some of these problems. An experienced, quality radio solutions provider like PCE will give farmers their professional advice for free, so they can make an informed choice of the options available.

The advice would be based on a survey of your farmland and an understanding of your farm’s needs. Every farm is different so you are looking for a bespoke solution, unfortunately there isn’t a one price fits all solution.  Farmers are busy throughout the year, but this would be time well spent to fully understand the options available. The ensuing solution will no doubt repay you that time and save you even more in the future.

Harry Langley
Commercial Director