As excitement mounts for Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter, our attention turns to festivals…whether they are Glastonbury, V, Boardmasters and the countless other large and small-scale festivals planned for 2016, including those run by local communities, they all demand effective communication between staff and/or volunteers.

A girl sitting on the shoulders of someone in a crowd at a festivalThey will generally be responsible for the safety of your attendees. The same is true of carnivals, sports events, fetes and the myriad of other events that take place up and down the country every year.

A significant way the safety of the general public can be maintained is through the use of a two-way radio solution. While mobile phones may have been previously considered an adequate replacement for radio solutions at these types of public events, the frailties of their use have been revealed and organisers are turning to experts like PCE to keep their attendees safe.

Festivals are often held in remote large spaces with a challenging topography. For instance, last year’s Somersault Festival was held in a Devon valley. Unless there is a conveniently located mobile mast, coverage can be sporadic in such areas. Networks can also become jammed at a busy event. Similarly, some festivals are huge, covering large areas. Strategically placed antenna can ensure your staff can communicate with each other using radios.

Immediate communication
In an emergency situation or for ease of message sharing, being able to speak to all your staff all at once or even to certain groups is easily achievable using radios. Radios also offer the option of over-riding any other conversations with more urgent messages. This is simply not achievable with mobile phones. Being able to relay critical information in this efficient fashion is crucial in an emergency.

Flexible communication
While radios are perfect for broadcasting messages to many people, they can also be used to relay private messages or to even send text messages. Where staff have different responsibilities, you can use different channels to speak to these groups without interrupting the work of others.


Digital radio solutions ensure your radio communications are not overheard or interrupted by other radio users in the area. It would be very irritating, and potentially dangerous, to have your conversations disrupted by the exchanges of a taxi firm for example. You can also ensure your messages to your staff are not overheard by people standing near them. Ear-pieces effectively ensure no-one else can hear what your staff are listening to.

With festivals usually lasting a day, two days or a week at the most, the purchase of radio equipment seems a daunting prospect when it is only being used once a year. A short-term hire radio solution is much more suitable in this situation and means event organisers can hire the most up-to-date radio equipment too.

If you need advice on radio communication for your 2016 festival or even next year’s, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me by calling our office number or emailing me here.

Alan Macdonald-Brown
Technical Sales