man standing on tarmac sports ground holding walkie-talkie


Walkie-talkie is the common name given to licence-free analogue radios, but is often applied to all two-way radios. While lower powered than their licensed counterparts, these radios are popular for both leisure and commercial use, as they provide a low-cost and short-range radio service using a shared band of Ofcom frequencies. It makes them ideal for situations in which longer range, higher powered radios are simply not required.

While it is possible to purchase cheap unlicensed radios from many sources, these are often of poor build quality and may end up costing more in the long run with frequent replacements, as well as rarely being compatible with operational accessories such as headsets, earpieces and microphones.

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Spending a little extra on a good quality business level radio will pay off down the line by providing a more reliable and satisfactory product.  

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